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Starting in Australia

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie and have had the idea to make my own clothing for a while now especially shirts.

I was wondering If I could get some help with these questions:
1: Can you modify blank shirts (gildan etc) by putting on pockets,labels etc?
2: If I was wanting to create shirts,jackets or other items of clothing from scratch who should I go to, and who could help me in the creation of this as I have no sewing experience.
3:What are laws in regards to selling blank shirts with prints. Or general laws in AUS that are commonly known within this industry that one must follow.
4: What are some general handy tips or idea's that anyone here follows or would have for me.

Sorry if these questions seem foolish etc. I'm just abit lost, this is something I've only been interested for a while and havent acted upon it, nor have any experience whatever in this. ANy help is greatly appreciated.
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