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Starting business, thinking of a PAP

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Hello, I am seriously inquiring on starting up a Screen Printing business on the side for fun, and hopefully to pay the bills while I go to school. I was looking online through our local classifieds and seen a Press a Print System with Exposure Unit and Flash Cure for 1,250.00. I am wondering if this would be a good system to start off with, or I am just looking for a heap of trouble? Also looking into what other things I would need as well. I know a computer with Photoshop would be nice and am looking into those things. I think this would be fun, but I would sure love to make my money back since I am going to school and would love for this to become a part time gig while I continue school. I appreciate all help that anyone is willing to give me, and I look forward to making some new friends through the T-Shirt biz!
Cheers, Russell
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Run, do not walk, away. PAP is an over priced, under preforms. BUT the problem is that PAP will not support second owners with advice or supplies or parts unless you pay mega bucks for membership. Just call them and see
I totally agree with Charles.
That is NOT the system for you.
I have to add, kudos on asking BEFORE you bought it. Smart move and good save.
Also, if you sell it, new owner will not be able to get support-without buying into the program. If you still must buy it- buy a simple package, and purchase add-ons from Craigslist-lots of people trying to get out of theirs.
Forgive my ignorance.....But what must you buy from PAP that you can not get from other suppliers???
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