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SmugT said:
So if im printing just text on a white shirt the background will end up matching the shirt perfectly that I wont need to cut around?
Not quite. You'll still want to cut around close to the design, about 1/8" away from it. You still get a partial wax window (the 'empty' areas of the paper) even when doing light shirts, but it isn't very noticeable (and becomes nearly invisible on white/ash shirts when you cut up close to it).

SmugT said:
Also, when I print my designs from the computer will they end up having a background color? I don't want that. Say i just want to print a black and white image and some text. No background color. What is used to do this? A Cutter?

Where can I get that and how does it work?
Opaque transfers transfer everything, including the solid white empty area, meaning you need to cut out all of the whitespace for these to look decent. How hard this is will depend on the design itself. In addition, opaque transfers tend to feel pretty 'rubbery' and don't usually last that long, so many people don't use them much on a professional level.

However, you can also use t-shirt vinyl (e.g. Thermoflex) for some designs. They do need to be fairly simple (otherwise weeding out the excess, unused vinyl is difficult) and few colors (1-3 colors or so), but the quality is much better than an opaque transfer.

The downside is, of course, that you need to buy the vinyl cutter, which will run about $1500 for a good one. You can get these at a few online shops, including imprintables.com.

Dave 2006 said:
so let me make sure i understand this bodalou, your saying that the epson printer, using this pigment ink, only run for about 80 bucks??

Ive also been considering a heat press because most of my designs have many colors and shades. But i always thought that the printers that would use this special type of ink run for about $1500 bucks. Or maybe thats for the printers that print on the larger paper?
To expand on what Lou said, You can indeed get a printer that comes with Durabrite inks for only ~$100 (I think $80 is a sale or rebate price, but It may be a regular price by now too). If you want to expand on this, you can buy a bulk ink system ($50-150) and bulk pigmented inks (such as the Magic Mix set) as well. a bulk system would reduce your future ink costs significantly, but do require that initial cost.
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