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Hi Everyone! I'm Taylor and I'm a student and social entrepreneur looking to create a clothing brand beginning with t-shirts. I'd like to start by saying I have very little experience in this industry and would like to apologise in advance if my questions seem daft or they have been answered elsewhere on this site.

The brand we're creating has a unique selling point which is the fundamental concept and is a non-profit organisation. It's targeted at the modern youth and will be a skater style brand (think route one or supreme).

The key areas I'd like help with are centred around production and are:

1)What in your opinion for a plain white ,skater style, non fitted T-shirt is the best to print on? (I.e brand/model)

2) What material is generally best for a t of this design?

3) Can you recccomend any companies for the production of the t shirt (I.e printing and finishing)

I'd also love to hear from either anyone who's found themselves in this situation with little knowledge of production or veterans of the industry, who has advice for a startup of this kind!

Thanks in advance,

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