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Starting a T-Shirt Business

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So, I am in the works of trying to start a t shirt business. I just wanted to throw out my game plan and then see what others had to say about it. I have been researching for about a year on the forums, so many of my basic questions have been answered. That's why this thread is not directed to any specific question, moreso I am just trying to hear some critiquing.

I have been designing Christian t shirts for over the last year. I have quite a few, but I hope to have several dozen designs before ever launching the business in the public. I am also connected with some artists who could help me with more designs.

So, I have a target group. Thus far my plan is to get my feet with by using a DTG fulfillment service. (I've been contacted by a few people for that service, but I am open to hear what others offer.) I hope to sell my shirts in the $15-$18 range. Not certain yet. The #1 seller of shirts that have similar designs and target group sells for $17.99. Going this route should help me get started with little overhead.

Once I have been going for a while, if things take off, I hope to either seek local screenprinting facilities for help, or get into screenprinting or heat pressing plastisol transfers myself. I like the plastisol since I can make the orders as they come, which cuts back on shirt costs.

Marketing- I hope to create my own online website for selling shirts. I plan to eventually advertise on sites that would attract my customers. I plan to create an Ebay seller's account with my company name. Sell some shirts on there more for the advertising than anything else.

I also have some contacts for some stores that may be interested in carrying my shirts. Even one large online store. Above that, I have even considered doing some street vending across the country at concerts that would attract my target market. Maybe do a small summer tour and hit a few major cities, again more for advertising than for making a huge profit.

Lastly, I hope to move into offering hats, and other apparel products.

I have done the research pertaining to my business structure and tax info. I am still researching the copyright processes and my liabilities in that area.

I guess that's it for now... I am getting some samples made soon from my potential suppliers.

Any thoughts?
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Sounds like you've got a good vision in place. I can't speak on the quality of DTG printing myself since I went directly to screen printing with low quantities. Make sure to do all your math on ebay to see what you will net per sale. Remember to factor in the PayPal fee and ebay fee. You can also check out the option of a regular seller account vs. storefront seller account. Ebay might be beneficial in terms of advertising but your item title has to be good in order to be searchable to your target.

I've found that selling tees online is way harder than you anticipate. It is really important to get your product in front of as many people as possible because despite best intentions and promises you cannot rely soley and friends and family to buy your product.

Good luck on your venture!
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I ordered my sample DTG shirts last night from one vendor. I still need to setup with the other.

As for marketing/advertising, I really hope to work toward getting in stores. I still have a lot to learn about that. But I agree in trying to get my website out there. As of right now, I do not plan on the website being my long term income. I just plan on having it as a means to help me get into stores.
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