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Starting a New Business

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About 10 years ago I had an in-home embroidery business. I was the only employee and worked hard, but didn't make much money due to a lack of business knowledge...mainly I undercharged. Anyway, I learned a lot during the 5 years I was in business. Now I want to help my daughter start a business, and since we have all the embroidery equipment and software, we will definitely include embroidery.

But, I honestly think that it makes sense to get a heat press, and learn that business as well. We have been researching! I might be crazy, but I would like to feature personalized tea towels, selling them thru an Etsy shop. Another daughter is a graphic artist, so we should be able to have some nice original designs.

We have been considering a Hotronix Fusion.

I know that business-wise, we will eventually need to branch out into team shirts, etc. But I figured we can start small with the designs for towels.

I am happy to have joined this forum!

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