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Starting a business of t-shirts printing

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I want to start a small business in my area.
I am a graphic designer by profession and I have a lot of digital art I want to print on t-shirts,

My designs are filled with colors, and currently i have a small amount of orders, 10 shirts per design.
I want to print mostly on dark shirts.

I would be happy if you give me the best method for printing small quantities of full-color designs on dark fabric.
Thank you!
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The best method would be screen printing. Second choice, DTG. Most economical and practical for beginning would be inkjet transfers. God Bless.
You'll be lucky to find anybody to screen print full colour at small quantity, and if they do the price per garment will be prohibitive. At least that's the way it is where I am - Ireland.

Full colour on dark garments at small quantity has been the holy grail of garment printing for as long as I can remember. It's basically the toughest nut to crack. Dark transfer, which we don't use anymore is horrible, it's a big, heavy blob on the front of a t-shirt which I always hated doing. If you can get the client to go light transfer - on white (or natural or sometimes Ash grey) you can get a decent result.

For full colour at small quantity we use Versacamm. So your options are to find a shop with a Versacamm or depending on where you are - a decent DTG machine/system. I've never used one that worked out so I stay away from them, aslo they are (expletive deleted :) ) incredibly expensive.

Hope this helps - good luck! ;)
If your passion lies in your design work, you might consider using a business like Designs By Humans.

Cool Graphic Shirts Designed By Artists - DesignByHümans

This is not a recommendation of their business, but a suggestion to consider to expand your thinking. Maybe some other folks on the Forum can tell you how they are to deal with as a business.

My recommendation is to do the things you are good at, enjoy doing, and you're proud of. Let other folks do the rest.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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