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Started new business need help.

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I'm in the process of starting a new t-shirt business. I've purchased a heat press, Oki Data C6150 laser printer, craft robo cutter & I'm pretty good at designing graphics with photoshop. So I though I was all set to start making my political t-shirts. I also have been designing websites since I was 14 years old so I'm pretty good at that to. I order transfer paper from a website Alpha gold & something else (for dark and light colors) I had created a nice political shirt that had the picture of the capitol building that I grunged out and put some text over. I printed this shirt using the dark transfer paper and went to put on the shirt. Everything looked great except the paper around the printed area went on the shirt also. Of course I should have done a little more research on making t-shirts but I didn't. After doing a little research I decided to order a craft robo that would trim around the image so that it would be weedless. Well, this cut everything out but there is still a small white line around the images like it isn't getting close enough. So I dropped the cut area down a couple pixels and cut it again and it just didn't look right the cut area came out very jagged and just didn't look professional. The craft robo does a great job of cutting out one color images and letters for t-shirts. But, doesn't do that great of a job cutting out detailed images.

Can you guys give me some tips on paper I should use or a process that I should try to start making some t-shirts?

I've looked into the weedless paper for dark and light colors and it is just to expensive. I did find some paper at transfer-direct.com called "IC-White - Laser Weedless Dark Textile Transfer" that is priced pretty good at $80.00 for 100 sheets. Has anyone ever tried this paper?

I would appreciate all suggestions on how to get this business up and running thanks.

Also I've been looking for a company that would print the weedless transfers for me but the ones I've found are very expensive and charge per color. Anyone know of a company that does this for a decent price?
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perhaps you should also look into silkscreen printing. heatpress and silkscreen printing has their own advantages. knowing both would help you decide on what approach should be used depending on the project. for example, printing political ad is much cheaper and faster when done in silkscreen specially if its by volume like 500-1000 shirts.
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