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Hey I'm looking to begin my own screen printing business for custom t shirts by mid march and just wanted to know a couple things. Aside from taking classes to learn about screen printing what else are some beginner steps needed to take to have an established solid screen printing business.

also what are a list of equipment and price ranges necessary to start off a solid business?

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Watch all the available videos on YouTube, especially from CatspitProductions and Ryonet although Ryonet really only makes commercials lately.

Read, Read, Read all the postin getting started. Make sure this is something you're going to want to do. Many times, so many people have this idea that printing shirts is easy or they are going to make all this money so they go out and spend a lot of money and then realize
1. It's more expensive then they thought.
2. It's not as easy as they thought.
3. They aren't making the kind of money they expected.
4. Can't get customers.
**The list could go on and on**
When this happens, many go on to want to get out of the business realizing that it isn't for them. Then they have an extremely difficult time trying to sell their equipment to someone else never really recouping anything close to their initial investment.

My best advice would be to learn the business by taking the class and reading everything you can about it. Then find a printer you want to work with and establish a working relationship. Then go out and get your own customers so that when you have enough, you can venture out on your own and you'll definitely have the money you need.

You'll essentially get into the business with the bare minimum.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you!!!

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Good luck with the new business.
I've been printing for over 27 years and still love it.

The SilkScreeningSupplies.com
Training classes get great reviews and the company is great for newbies and experienced printers alike.
They also have great videos on almost everything you need to know to do good work.

Hope this helps.
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