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Start Stitching & Thread Pulls Back Through Needle!

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Hi guys

I seem to only visit this forum when I need help!!

I've threaded up our Tajima TEJT C1501 correctly but each time I start to stitch out a pattern, in the first few up/downs of the needle, the thread is pulled back through the eye of the needle. I re-thread the needle and it happens again & again.

There are no snags, and the path of the thread from cone to needle is correct. The bobbin is full and there's enough thread from the eye of the needle to secure into the spring that holds it up out the way after threading.

If I hold the thread to stop it pulling back through the eye of the needle, stitching will continue okay.

Any suggestions?

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Hi John, Does the picker engage properly when it starts to embroider? The picker is the 2 pronged arm at the front of the sewing arm.
Every needle or just one?
Thanks both for your replies.

I managed to get the embroidery started by holding the end of the thread so stopping it pulling back through the needle. The stitching then continued and completed the pattern. The same thread was cut and started several times without any issues! Changing the clothing being stitched didn't show any issues with starting on the problem thread = strange.

Thanks, I'm at peace now :)
Hi John

It's usually caused by the "tail" of thread being too short after a trim. On the Brother you can adjust the length on a needle by needle basis. A lot of people think the wiper (the blade that shoots in and out after a trim) is the bit that does the cutting but the wiper's job is to just tuck the thread away. The actual cutting is done by the knives under the needle plate.

Also check your Wilcom is setup with enough "tie in" stitches on each new object and finally make sure that your top thread tension is not set too tight.
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Thanks Phil,

I suspect the upper tension might have been to tight. The trim length is, if anything, on the long side.

All seems okay now.

I must work out when we can do some training with you :)


I have been able to fix this problem when its not a trim length setting issue by starting with an extra long tail. I make the adjust the first few times and then the machine seems to adjust and starts with a normal tail length.
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