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It Depends on what your expectations are.... If you are planning on doing multi-colors that require very close registration you will not be happy. If you are planning on multi color text that doesnt require as precise registration This press will work and is much cheaper then One with Micro or Joystick registration. It is a solid built press that falls into the Affordable catagory.. However the instructional CD falls short If your brand new.. It contains contridictions that are confusing to someone with no experience.. And a few Basic starting points weren't covered at all... Now that I've said all that, The People at Silkscreen Supply are pleasant and easy to work with, they will gladly help you thru your learning process. Your questions get answered and your phone calls actually get returned. I No Longer do business with them, but that is only because they are on one coast and Im on the other... The shipping charges were killing me... It all comes down to your plans. the more precise your registration needs to be the more its gonna cost you... which is more important?
Precise Registration or your wallet? a question only you can answer...
Hope this helps you....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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