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Stahl's "Hot One" Hat Heat Press

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I just purchased a "lightly used" Stahls Hot One Hat Press on Ebay. It appears to be an older model. It comes with a large and small press plate. It is yellow in color and has (Hot One) emblazoned on it's base. It does not have a digital pad, but a dial knob. Has anyone out there had an experience with such a press? I thought that $246 including shipping sounded like a fair price. Thank you.:confused:
On a different note, I am using Durafirm Ink in refillable HP02 cartridges with my HP D7460 printer. So far, the colors I getting on transfers is excellent and the washability looks good.
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The hot one was/is a good brand and that is a great price - congratulations.
Thanks. It appears almost new (not a single scratch or wear sign) and came with very clean large and small press plates . It works great and was easy to figure out without a manual. The only apparent difference is the analog versus digital controls.
no to resurect an ancient thread.. but i just picked up a "hot one" off craigslist today :) looking forward to playing around with it
I'm in need of a heat press for hats. I've "inherited" a large quantity of embroidered patches and I'm now looking into applying these to baseball caps. The machines I've looked at so far all have the heating element mounted to the top portion of the press striking the face of the cap which rests on the bottom plate when applied. The primary purpose is to transfer paper images to this surface. BUT it occurs to me that the ideal setup for patches would be the complete opposite of this. The adhesive is on the back of the patches and some of the patches are raised quite a bit from the back side due to the embroidery therefore if the bottom plate was the hot one then the glue would be melted from the inside of the cap therefore sparing the face of the cap and the patch from direct heat. Also seems like a more even application of heat would be achieved as well. I suspect some of these machines especially the 6 in 1 style could be altered in this manner. Does anyone know of an out of the box press setup as I've described?
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I have never heard of one. I press a lot of thick patches with my Stahls HOT ONE. Try a Google search for what you want (bottom platen hat press).
Does anyone know where to get a manuel for The Hot One hat press model HOCC? I have one with a knob for the temp control but have no idea how to set the temp. I have scoured the internet with no luck. Thanks!
My name is Judy Shostrand , My son and I purchased the Hot One Hat Press from a person In a town near us. Can you still get the replacement parts for pressing hats like the size 2 3/4" x 6 1/2" If so, can you tell me the price. There was one size that came with it. But it was leaving a crinkle in the seam on the front of the hat. Thank You! My E-mail address is: [email protected]
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