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Discover how to take your business—and foil printing—to the next level in a new video from Stahls’ TV. Directed at decorators new to heat printing foil and those desiring to do more with the process, the archived live class covers application techniques and sales-boosting ideas.

You’ll learn everything you need to produce hot new looks that make your company and its offerings stand out, while creating higher perceived value and allowing higher profit margins.

The video shows unique ways of incorporating foil into your business with step-by-step demos of foil applications for custom and retail sales in school, fashion, fitness and other markets. From applying a basic foil print to creating tone-on-tone distressed looks, patterns, multicolor and mixed-media effects, you’ll get a rundown on equipment, time, temperature and pressure.

You’ll learn about tools, techniques and tricks for foil printing on performancewear and find out how to address challenges like proper alignment and avoiding distortion on stretchy fabrics. The video also provides a quick review of best practices to ensure successful results and satisfied customers.

Check out “Heat Press Foil Prints: The Next Level” at https://goo.gl/nuZLux

Stahls’, a GroupeSTAHL company, is a world leader specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of heat printing technologies. Stahls’ provides customers with the most cost effective and efficient ways to decorate garments. Stahls’ is located in Sterling Heights, MI, with GroupeSTAHL operations located throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. For more information, go to stahls.com, call 800.4.STAHLS, or email [email protected]


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