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stag and hen design disk -sex and humour

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I bought an adkins of ebay some months ago and the seller hinted to me of a elusive disk with some designs for stag and hen tshirts on they were he said rather rude and very funny in fact the two ingredients of a good hen or stag shirt and just the disk i have been searching for
but of course google is no longer a search engine and it realy mifs me because no matter what description you put in these days you get pages of "paid for" crap and hen and stag design disk gets only thousands of people who want to make stag and hen t-shirts which funnily enough is something I dont need as I do them myself

so my questions to you Uk t-shirt makers ( do our American collegues have the same business in hen and stag as we do ) does anyone know if this holy grail exists
I have made a couple of thousand boring work shirts but want a bit more fun shirts to make
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stag and hen shirts quite possible did come off the likes of google images. Most of these discs contain images widely used by many.

The likes of ebay is filled with stag/hen and funny images that usually get made on the likes of cafepress or zazzle, and people steal the design and change it slightly. Someone's probably just taken lots of these or similar clip art and put a thousand or so designs on a disc and tried selling them on ebay.

No one would consider sitting there for hours designing 1000 of their own designs, and put it out on mass for people to copy and resell. These designs are probably out there in mass already...

Your best bet is type stag/hen t-shirts into ebay, cafepress, or zazzle, look at the designs available, and use your head and maybe alter text/designs etc.

Many of these t-shirts are slogans hence why everyone copies each other, and are simple to recreate with your own font...
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