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!st Post--Need some help with SWF1501

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I work for a company that has an SWF 1501 machine. just recently when we switched the machine on the screen was saying we needed to install program. Ive not worked there too long but they have rung the engineer who said we the disc, bit no one seems to no where the disc is, the engineer says he has some but they so not say which machine they are for, so I was wondering i anyone on here maybe able to me so I can pass the info on
thankss in advance
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You would probably be looking for floppy disks. You could probably call SWf in Tampa, Florida they should be able to help.
but forgot to mention I live in the UK
Should I have posted in a differnt thread
yes there is thanks...but as luck would have it we have been and a sort out and some discs and turned up Ive yet to try them but Im more hopefull than before as they are with the instructions for the machine.
Thanks for replying anyway
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