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Squeegee Angles - Black Shirts Waterbased ink

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I have read that printing on Black Ts is not as forgiving of bad technique as printing on White is. I am having a few problems, I have been trying to tick off what I am doing right/wrong. One of which is Squeegee technique?

I try to stick to an 80-85 degree squeegee angle, and 'gentle' pressure. Recently something occured to me - my squeegee edge is not square cut, they are V cut (they came as part of the kit I bought). Should I be adjusting my squeegee angle accordingly?

Any other squeegee technique hints/tips would be appreciated.

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Square squegee for me all the way,can't get on with v shape, tried but chucked 'em in the bin.
I suggest you get some square tip squeegees. With the sharp edge I find that I can feel when I have the right angle. It's in the 80 degrees range. The ink just pulls completely through the screen leaving you with no left over ink. That was something that really helped my white ink on black shirts. Making sure you clear the screens completely. You don't get fibers showing that way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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