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Hey guys, I'm newly registered on the forum but have been using this for guidance on several issues with my Anajet Sprint which I've owned since the past 2 years now. (So needless to say you guys have been a huge help! Thanks for that)

Have started facing an issue recently where no 2 prints are coming aligned anymore. Neither Dark nor light underbase prints.
In case of Darks, the white underbase prints normally and then the colour pass printed either (variably) 1-3 cms above or below (mostly below) the underbase.
And in case of light base prints, we tried giving a repeat command of the same print without changing the settings or touching the table/tee just to check and the result was exactly the same, prints weren't aligned... They were atleast 1-3 cms off.

I read your forum thoroughly for solutions and out of everything mentioned, I've tried:
1) Manually pushing/pulling the table to make the table running smooth
2) Deleting the EK Print Studio software and re-installing it
3) Manually pushing the table all the way in before hitting the start button
4) Cleaning the encoding strip with rubbing alcohol
5) Cleaning the encoding disc at the end of the table with rubbing alcohol

Sadly, NONE of these have resolve my issue. So if anyone has any suggestion/resolutions, please please please share the same as we do NOT have an option of sending the machine back to Anajet (since we're based out of New Delhi, India) because it'll be an insanely expensive affair for us!

P.S. Wanted to attach images of the prints (issues) here but can't see an option for attaching.
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