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I sell my own private label t-shirts online. I screen print everything myself (water-based and discharge on Next Level and Bella-Canvas blanks).

I want to start branding my tees with my own logos (I have five different "lines"). I'd prefer to do it myself and screen print the logos somewhere on the tees.

It's spring 2018, what are the most common/trendy/visible/acceptable locations to place a small logo on a shirt with a full size design already printed on the front?

1) printed in the neckline behind the required care tag? (with 5 lines and multiple garment styles - totally relabelling is not viable for me)

2) back of the shirt near the collar/neckline?

3) on the sleeve? left? right?

4) on the front left near the bottom hem line?

5) on the inside front bottom hem line so you flip up the shirt to reveal the logo?

6) somewhere else I haven't thought of?

Times change. And while I found answers on the forums from the mid 2000s, I'd like to know what others are doing now.
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