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I am still interested to see some pictures and hear some experiences of people who have used both prontfection and spreadshirt.

I have received quite a few examples of my prints from printfection and quite frankly they are very inconsistent. If I want to build a reputable brand that sells I need to make sure my prints are top notch and consistent!

I agree tho. I like that you can customize your printfection site to look like my independent site. Basically I point www.acticestatedesigns.com to my printfection store (www.printfection.com/activestatedesigns.com) when you click buy now.

Here are a couple side by sides of my latest order. Both are saved as PNG from exact same illustrator file. The red is supposed to be the same. My other issue is the prints can sometimes lack in crispness. But when printfection gets a good print they hit the bullseye. Otherwise they miss the mark. Anyone else have this experience, better or worse with either printfection or spreadshirt?



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