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Spray Adhesive

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Sublimating on White shirts...Has anyone tried 3M or Loctite Spray adhesives? I heard you can use the Elmers Craft bond does any of these leave some residue on the shirt itself?

I have some Addidas dri fit shirts that a customer provided but I don't want to screw them up so I though I'd ask first.

I know dye trans has the correct one but I need it now.

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We used Elmers before there was tacky paper. It works great and is only like $4.00 at places like Walmart. You are just needlessly flushing money down the drain with the DyeTran spray
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After I read about the Elmer's spray that Riderz mentioned I got some to try and have been hooker on it ever since. The dyetranz works good too but the Elmer's is 1/3 the cost.
I use the loctite brand from walmart with no problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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