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Hello all,

We have been using 3M #45 Spray Adhesive at our sublimation business for many years. This appears to be no longer available. We do a lot of printing on hard substrates only and we go through a lot of spray adhesive (probably 4+ cans a week). We have tried other brands as a replacement but most of them leave splotches or "dots" on our materials, especially Chromaluxe aluminum. This is driving us crazy!

It appears 3M #45 and #75 are both non-existant in the US for purchase. I am not sure if its due to a shortage or them being discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good spray adhesive that will not affect printing. We are spraying very lightly and pressing immediately. I just want to find a good replacement that wont leave tiny imperfections in the finished pieces. This is requiring us to do a lot of re-work.

Thank you for any help!
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