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spot cleaning

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Could anyone explain to me to what extent spot cleaning can be used to clean a shirt? I used water based inks and say that I have a design that wasnt cured properly and faded during a wash test. Could I use a spot cleaning gun to blast the whole design off the shirt or does it only work for small stains? Also how much do these guns typically cost?
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im sure ur able to but why wast time and all that when u can easily just pick up another shirt and print
I don't know how well the cleaning fluid works on waterbased, but the stuff is expensive enough that it isn't worth trying to remove an entire design from a shirt. Shirts are pretty cheap by comparison. The spot cleaning guns and chemistry are really just designed to remove small smudges, fingerprints, and so on. Plus, the stuff is nasty. I use it only when necessary and then as little as possible. If I have a printing error on a shirt, I print a new shirt.
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