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we have only been in business officially for about 6 months now and things are going great but there is so much to learn about this business and all the different styles of custom vinyl shirts, someone should write a book.

so we have a job for a softball team approx. 20 shirts
they want henley style which i could only find the anvil 1202 and they are $7-9
front team logo and team name and back player name with number

we are getting all text pre-cut from a distributer and printing the logos ourselves so we are figuring on charging $25 per shirt, does that sound about right?

we would like to do more in the area of team shirts but how does one learn to do uniforms? i did a search for softball uniforms and just looked at some picutes but is there a standard?

i know that stahls carries a cd with tails and such and i was thinking of purchasing that and a sample pack of sports jerseys and just making up some samples. if that common practice?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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ssactivewear has that style starting at $4.82 for small white henleys.

You should get set up to purchase wholesale. I think most wholsalers will be in this price range.

blankshirts.com has some henleys for a little more per shirt (around $5), but you don't need a tax id# with them.
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