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Spirit Jersey T-Shirts?

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Does anyone know a wholesaler that I can find these t-Shirts??

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Spirit Activewear
[email protected]

You need an account with them, they are the one's who came up with the idea, make the garments in house i guess and print everything.

We have an account for college greek purposes but this company at least over the last few years has been doing really well ... you can't find the style of garment anywhere else and they do have it trademarked or copyrighted, which ever applies.

Hope that helps
They don't sell them blank, unfortunately. It's such a great product, extremely popular with girls 16-22
Ah yes I did forget to mention that ... you cannot buy their garments blank, you have to put an order in with them for what you want them to print on the back or front, then they sell them to you at their respective wholesale price.
I actually just found another option on Boxercraft! Thanks for all your help!!
I get mine from either JA America or pennant
Boxercrafts shirt comes blank and it is almost like Spirit Jersey and they call their shirt Pom Pom jersey.
Boxercraft has some nice pom-pom shirts. Unfortunately, the reality is their inventory system is closer to state-of-the-ark than state-of-the-art. They will be happy to come on this site and tell us they are trying to do better. Every time they have done that, I've checked their website and the most popular colors, you know, red, white, black, blue, are all out of stock. But, in their defense, they do have stock in other colors. I've never found anyone LOOKING for those colors but anyway... Combine that with the fact that their anticipated in-stock dates are missed more than they are met, they are a very hard sell...

Until they decide to get their inventory under control, it's really hard to build any kind of business offerings around their products.
We just picked up a few from a local supplier. These are made by (or at least labeled) J. America. They look good.

We'll be decorating and using for samples.
How much are y'all actually selling these for? The shirts are so expensive I would think profit would be very low. Thanks.
depends on the amount and logo ..but generally around 30.00
So you spend about $20-$25 plus shipping and sell it for $30? just checking numbers. Thanks.
ok ill keep looking for a cheaper supplier tyvm
Does anyone know a wholesaler that I can find these t-Shirts??

Blank athletics.com

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