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This info seems like a lot, but it’s not so try and read on.
I have here the whole package an aspiring or established screen printer would need.
I bought this machine and most of the included accessories just 3 months ago for my screen printing business, so it is pretty much new, literally…I have only used it a couple of times and its only a lil’ bit over 3 months old.
I will offer free transportation for anyone living an hr away or less from St. Cloud, MN.
I will offer a few free training courses to anyone who makes the purchase and needs to learn how to screen print (we can schedule this later). They have to live 30 min or less from St. Cloud, MN though.
I am going back to school this fall and so I won’t have much use for it anymore.
I approximated value and it’s about $3,000, here’s the breakdown…
· SPHO 4 color 2 station screen printing press. Value: US$ 1,399.95
· 20X24 Exposure unit.For sharp, crisp screen exposure. Great results. Value: $ 320
· 16x16 Flash drier Unit. Value: included in press price.
· 6 (20x24) Wooden Screens (4. 110 mesh, 2. 60 mesh, . Value: $ 150
· 6 Squeegees (2-15 inches, 4-10 inches) Value: $100
· 1 Gallon Photopolymer Dual Cure Polymer Emulsion (already sensitized) Value: $59
· 2Platens; 16x16 Value: included in press price.
· 1 XL platen with neck for oversized prints upto 18x20 Value: $55
· All the required chemicals for clean-up and screen preparation (De-hazer, Degreaser, Screen Wash, SprayWay C-60 solvent cleaner) Value: included in press price.
· 16 inch Scoop Coater (for coating emulsion on screens) Value: included in press price.
· 18x13 transparencies (about 90 sheets) Value: US$ 138.00
· Epson Stylus photo 1400 printer (wide format printer) can print as large as 19x13. (1 month old, I still have the manufacture’s warranty) Value: $300
· Full instructional DVD on how to screen print. Value: $49.00
· Inks included;
· 6 Pints Regular Inks: White, Scarlet Red, Royal blue, Jet black, Kelly green, lemon yellow,
· Specialty Inks listed below: Value $ 280
· Suede; Black, white, dark brown, golden yellow, scarlet red,
· Glitter: Gold, Silver.
· Shimmer: Brilliant red, metallic blue, sparkling black, emerald green, bright gold, brilliant silver
This is honestly a great deal, I bet you can’t find one better than what I’m offering here today. With everything I have here, you can start screen printing today.
All am asking for is $2,500, if you don’t need the wide format printer (which would be great for wide large designs), we can negotiate the price. Give me a email or call @ 620-757-6239 as late as midnight Central time. Leave a message if I don’t answer I might be at work. Email or call me with any questions. Or if you need images.
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