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Specs for Mixed Media of Embroidery/Screen/DTG

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Can anyone think...what's the best way to "print" a shirt design using mix media, specifically a design incorporating either print screen/DTG with embroidery within a single image? Is it better to print screen/DTG first, then embroider it or the other way around? I have the sinking feeling this isn't done because the rate of error is high. Any responses are greatly appreciated!
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Hi! Not necessarily. I'm open to suggestions for the best ways to achieve this look of print/dtg with embroidery.
With embroidery you add the thickness of the thread and whatever backing needed, then compensate for any movement of the garment due to thread pull. As an embroiderer, I'd think embroidery second would look better, but it would be a pain to hoop each shirt while maintaining registration on a multi-head machine.
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Thanks Ryan! Appreciate the input; very valuable to me.
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