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Hello. Im in the very early stages of starting a tshirt business. (U.K based) My problem is iv bin searching the internet high and low for a certain material and fit of a tshirt. Slim fit, lightweight and 100% Cotton. It has a sheen to it.

There are already a few brands with the same style tshirt. Iv attached a few pictures. If anyone could point me in the direction of suppliers or tell me the brand, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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the different t shirt necklines?
The Crew Neck style. Probably, the most ubiquitous t-shirt that you will encounter on men is the crew neck t-shirt. ...
The V Neck style. ...
The Henley - Y neck style. ...
Polo t shirt collar styles. ...
The Scoop Neck style. ...
Raglan sleeve types. ...
Sleeveless t shirt style. ...
Cap sleeves t shirt style.
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