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specialty materials printed vinyl doesn't feel like the samples I received.

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I ordered a roll of this from grimco(specialty materials colorprint) to print on my versacam, and I'm not very impressed! It feels just like a piece of vinyl on a shirt,, very rigid. It's definately not like the samples I received prior to purchasing it.

Could I possibly be doing something wrong?
I set my temp on the press to 315,,,andpressed for 15seconds, as per instructed.
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I am ordering some of Rolands stuff but I was asking someone same Question on somewhere else about the feel and heard that basicly how it feels thick

Maybe sample they sent was different material because I heard some are thinners than others

Btw your on signs 101 right ;) i got crucified on there
Why did you get crucified? are you new there? Are you the same user name there as well?
They seem to not like new sign people
I was there for a bit....
I spoke my mind ha and got killed for it was a merchant there to.
Sn was sign&frame and most ppl if you asked knew me
they actually made alot of topics on me for being banned
got kicked offf there faster than anyone and got kicked off sign 201 when got fight with admin ha
I do now ha, I learned my lesson but alot of people there loved me so all good ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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