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Before you all gasp at the shock of someone insane enough to call themselves SLVT, as the title says it's an acronym for those 4 concepts that I put the branding through. It definitely is intentional on the play of the word slut but I do hope that eventually it will grow into something bigger and play with likes of FCUK on a conceptual level. Can't say I don't dream big ;)

Without further ado my site is SLVT. I'm aiming for a slightly different market as I do intend on expanding to an increased selection of clothing selection (shorts, pants, sweaters, shirts etc.).

The website is essentially a fixed design for now as I run the site off of a fantastic web service called SupaDupa, but hopefully somewhere down the road there will be options to customize the CSS a little.

I guess what I'm looking for is, just some opinions on my branding at this point, some suggestions on what's wrong, be nice to hear what's good too.

Really it's open bar, and I would really appreciate the feedback on it, as I've been running the site since Jan of this year and visitors aren't particularly heavy but I've not received a whole lot of negative feedback from my designs, and I just can't seem to get those conversions going.

Thanks again, and just for the sake of consistency as well my facebook fan page resides here (SLVT | Facebook)

Thank you again for your time!
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