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hi all!

Firstly if this is the wrong section please tell someone so they can move it!

i have purchased a brand new DK3 Mug press
I had an order today for 100 mugs so perfect to start using mug press.

only problem is i cant get it to heat up any higher than 150f my mug press will go higher and usually sits at 185 sad to say my cheap o was out performing this piece of kit, im very much hoping its because im being thick.

Now i did google/read manual etc... before thinking of asking here, manual states how to increase temp but its not doing it.

Press TEMP then use arrows? ive tried it every which way.

any help greatly appreciated i would prefer to start using some proper equipment and rid myself of these presses.


The Breckons
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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