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SOOO.. I've calculated my ink costs for one slow month on my Kiosk 2

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I'm coming up on the sixth month anniversary of owning my bagged ink kiosk 2. I just had a slow month of DTG business and was busy with some other work. Because of this I was able to get a general cost on how much ink my machine uses just to keep everything flowing properly.

I have found that the machine requires approximately 1 liter ($350 in bagged ink) per month just to keep things flowing properly. Last month I ran a handful of samples (maybe 10?) through the machine. With that, a 3-4 second "ink fill" each day and head cleanings to keep a good test pattern throughout the month I used approx 500ml white ink and 500ml of C,M,Y,K combined for a total of 1 liter.

Anyone else have semi-idle numbers to compare? I'd be interested if any these numbers sound fair just to keep the head from clogging or if any of you can keep things running smoothly while conserving some ink.. Filling the machine with solution really isn't an option for me since I need to run samples on short notice.

It looks like I have a busy DTG month coming up..good for the Kiosk! I don't want to put it on the chopping block. xD
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get an extra set of carts, fill them with cleaning solution and park it.
I found the same costs for our Neo.
It's the cost of doing business.
We also don't want to flush and park either, as we can't guess the dates the quotes we give out will be accepted. We know they rarely give plenty of advanced warning.
We had a good april on the DTG, and May is okie dokie.
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