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Son Needs Help For His Father

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Hello All ...
My name is Talha Awan, Lives in Pakistan. I am an internet marketer and SEO and Developing is my game. I am not here for this though.
My purpose of joining this forum is to help my father in his business. We live in Faisalabad The TEXTILE HUB OF PAKISTAN. We manufacture T-Shirts, Have made T-Shirts for Sports Brands RTY Sports,Vision Sports. But the economic crisis hits us badly. Now we dont have clients that want T-Shirts from us regularly.
So, I want to know how can we sell T-Shirts to local manufacturers in UK and USA. We can build simple plain T-Shirt and Polo Shirts As well.
I am also planing on building a website to sell plain T-Shirts on whole sale rate. But we need someone to buy in bulk from us otherwise cost will be an issue.
My knowledge in this field is pretty low. The only things i know is we buy or sometime imports raw cloth and than manufacturer T-Shirts, Amount is pretty low as labor is pretty cheap here. And we work on LC (letter of credit).
On what amount you will be happy to buy a plain T from us?
Give me some advice i just dunno what to do i really want to help my father.
I know the internet stuff but i dont know from where to get some local leads.
Thanks in advance.
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Check out the Federation of International Trade Association (www.FITA.org) I think that would better suit your needs when looking for buyers. Also list your business in a few Global B2B Directories so that your company can get exposure. Some of the directories offer free trade leads from around the world, you can even get industry/geographic specific leads from potential buyers actively looking for your product.

The downturn in the economy has impacted every one from around the world and buyers are few. The more visibility your company has the better your chances, so I would take advantage of everything the FITA has to offer.
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What do you think a website will help in getting leads?
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