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Someone recomment me a Mug press please

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Can someone recommend me a company in Uk where I could buy a Mug press reasonably priced and good value?
Don't want to go for something very cheap that turns up rubbish but for the kind of work I am going to put it through (about 50 mugs a week) I dont want something industrial.

Did some searches but am so confused, so many different companies and price differences also.

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I like the George Knight DK3.
It is a constant temperature press.
I do not recommend China presses, to many
issues with quality and support.
I have a Mug King Press from Photomugs.com...a US Company in Sunnyvale, CA selling chinese press...had mine for almost three years...no issues...
I have the George Knight DK3 as well, I must of pressed over 3000 Mugs before I had to change The Green Heat Pad..........Great Press...(Touch Wood)
I have two mug presses, one Hix I got used a few years back but has since stopped working (may be the fuse), and the other a Chinese press from Sunie.com that has never failed me. All Chinese presses aren't garbage so I wouldn't lump them all into the same category. There are reliable US dealers selling Chinese made presses.
I agree, the challenge is consistency and
support plus I would prefer to keep people
Employed in the USA.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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