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I am only 20 and I am starting an online clothing site. I already have a POD fulfiillment provider though it is nice because they are white label now - or claim (Spreadshirt.com) so I will be building my custom shop and have it be able to sell both POD shirts as well as stuff I would buy in bulk from a printing company.

Now, I know a bit about business and online and that stuff, though let me clarify some things and hopefully you guys will help me out. I was planning on getting an LLC for financial security reasons (smart or not?)

I know that I do not charge taxes outside of those customers in IL correct? Is taxing on sales just one thing or is it broken down (like income tax) to Federal, State and Local?

Do I need a sellers permit or is this only if I sell via some sort of venue?

Also, If you sell online (or not) what payment processing company did you find the best to use? I have worked with both PayPal and Authroize.net and know how to integrate both into the website - so that is fine; though what do you guys use?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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