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I just read the contract and signed up, but I'm confused about some things. This contract is written rather awkwardly and is somewhat difficult to understand.

In addition, commercial Partners must submit their Federal Tax ID.
What's a commercial partner? Did you guys have to give a Federal Tax ID?

The minimum earning for payment is .
What is the minimum? It doesn't say.

(1) The Partner can publish the Spreadshirt Shop module on the site;
publication is not required. One means of publicizing is an electronic
reference ("link") that connects the internet presence of the partner
and immediately connects viewers to the Shop. In this case, the Partner
is required to integrate the link unchanged to the website. Particular
changes, which advertisements appear on the page or the terms of service
for customers, are not within the rights of the Partner.
What does this mean? Does this mean I have to have my own web site and I have to use a banner ad link from Spreadshirt on it?

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A Federal Tax ID is usually given to corporations. For individuals or small businesses, most services require a valid social security number so they can report earnings to the IRS.

The minimum payout is $25, and unfortunately, they only pay every *Quarter* instead of monthly like other services.

I think the last paragraph just means that in order to get traffic to your spreadshirt store, you will need to link to it somehow.

They have a "spreadshirt shop module" if your existing website uses phpnuke or postnuke (a php Content Management Script). The module will put your spreadshirt products right on your site.

I think they are also saying that you can't place ads for other companies in your spreadshirt store that is hosted on their servers.

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They only pay quarterly, but if you have earned $100 in commission then you can email them and they will pay you out immediatly. I get paid out twice a month.

You only have to enter a Fed ID # if you are a company who is opening the shop, otherwise you have to enter your Social Security #.

I'm a premium shop owner and my shop is one of the spotlight shops on Spreadshirt. If anyone needs help with theirs let me know, I've helped many people get theirs on their feet.

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