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some of blue colors not printing

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I posted a question yesterday about when I printed a pix the blue sky did not print but when I did a nozzle check the blue was there. I got responses that was helpful and 1 was to print boxs of different color blues..well not all of the blues printed I tried this on my desk top printer and it worked so now what do I need to do to get it to print on my T-Jet2 printer? Is it drivers or what?
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you what I didn't mention yesterday trying.. if you have a piece of transparency paper or Plexiglas..just thick enough that you won't need to move the bed

do two nozzle checks.. one on opposite ends (top and bottom) one right after another.

look at them into the light and if you see similarities were they are almost identical it could be the print head.

I know you said the print head was new and you soaked it but it could be bad...

call me if you have any questions..
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I will try it...Thanks
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