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Some hoodies done for a local dance studio

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Dance Mom hoodies done in zebra and purple glitter and came out great, right chest also got names in the glitter as well. doing some dancer ones as well, i will post them when the order comes in.


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Did you layer that zebra print? If so, be prepared to redo.
no the zebra print is down first and the glitter just borders it. I did make the zebra print slightly larger to give in place of the material slightly shrinking, so the glitter just sits on the of the zebra its almost kiss cut so the glitter is mostly on the garment.
Thank you, big background in screen printing so trapping is such a habit and just looks cleaner then kiss cut
Great job!!! Where did you get the zebra vinyl? I have made chevrons and always have a problem with aligning the second color application. I assume due to shrinkage. Is there a formula to increase the size of the first application so that it is closer to the size of the second, allowing for shrinkage?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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