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Hey Y'all,
Being that i am a newbie myself, I wanted to pass on a little bit of useful info. I stumbled across a vendor that i eneded up buying all of my equipment from. His prices are pretty competitive but what i was really impressed with was his eagerness to help. He offers free training on any and all equipment he sells!! I'm not trying to advertise for the dude but this can be extremely valuabe to someone that is just starting out. You basically go to his shop and he trains you on the press, how to use the flash/ conveyor dryer and any other "dumb" questions you may have. (I know I asked my fair share! :)) Anyhow hopefullly this will help soemeone out there that is just starting out and has nobody to physically show you how things get done. So if you are in the LA area might help to look him up. screenprintingsolution.com

Hope this helps!
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