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I agree, the scrolling images on the front page do *not* make me want to buy a t-shirt or go further into the site. It does actually make me a bit nauseous, which is weird.

I would go for static images highlighting a few of your more "popular" shirts on the front page.

I think your product detail pages should use a picture of the image on the t-shirt, and have a link to a "zoom" image that links to that large graphic you have now.

Your men's t-shirt images look they are fitted baby doll tees, so you may want to update those to make them more masculine, or use the model images or actual photos.

The overall navigation is good and easy to follow.

I think it's a good idea to keep the Models, Sizing and FAQ pages all separate. Nothing wrong with more pages on your site, and with each section clearly labeled, people will know exactly what to click on to get to where they want to go and not have to guess where the sizing information may be.

You should have a link to sizing information right next to your add-to-cart/buy now buttons as it is an important factor in a buying decision, so you may not want to make them lose their place on the site by going to a different page (but if they are just browsing the site, it's still good to have the sizing info where it is. Having it in two places isn't bad :) )

I like that the contact and feedback are two separate areas since they serve different purposes on your site. You may want to rename feedback if you are having a contest and maybe label it as a contest.

Is your sizing guide in Inches or Centimeters? How do you measure the shirt to get those measurements? Those are questions you might want to answer in your sizing guide.

Other than that, I think the site has an overall clean layout and the t-shirt designs are well displayed. Making your homepage more appealing (and more to the point), might help people shop more easily.

Good luck with your site!
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