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Some basic information needed on printer and transfer papers

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Hello people,

I am an entrepreneur looking to setup a T-shirt printing business in India.
I have recently visited these forums a lot and seen a lot of interesting conversations.

1) I need to buy a printer, either laser or inkjet. I am inclined towards laser due to lower maintenance and also due to the fact that the dark transfer papers are cheaper for laser then inkjet here. Is there a special kind of laser printer which i need to buy. I am thinking of going for Xerox printers, which model would be the best for me? I am looking at some good high resolution prints.

2)The transfer papers that i am getting here come in various thickness. How do i know which one is the best for me and does the print quality improve with the increase in thickness of the filter paper?

3)What are some of the basic points which one should follow while printing t-shirts at home? Is there somethings we specially need to take care of?(Some special tricks/techniques?)

I will be really glad if someone can help me out as it will go a long way in creating a good beginning for my t-shirt line.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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