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Hi you guys, I am in San Diego. I am just starting out thinking about a small t-shirt business (just as I have written before). I don't want a lot of stock, and so most likely I will go the sublimation route for now. I found a contact who will print my shirts for about 3 bucks (both sides if I want). The trouble is sublimation works only on polyester shirts. I have a resale license and want to purchase some polyester shirts or maybe a blend with more than 50% polyester. Any ideas?

Next question, where can I buy some modern yet inexpensive heat transfers? I made a contact for some at the show in Long Beach, but I would like to buy a variety. What color and what type of tee material work best for the heat-transfers? Any other info about heat transfers would be helpful. Do most of you own your own heat press or take your shirts somewhere to have them pressed?

Thanks for your help
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