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Solutions Print n Cut material info needed.

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Hi all,
I have a question that I hope is not too stupid, if it is please forgive as I am new to this whole heat pressing thing.:)

Is it possible to use the Stahls "Solutions" print and cut material in an A3 epson printer with pigment inks and then just place a contour cut line and then cut and heat press apply in a normal way in a plotter/cutter instead of a print and cut machine?

I watched a promo vid of this material and it seems to be great for dark shirts, has a very soft hand and is also super stretchy and can be used on cotton, lycra,spandex, nylon etc...it seems to be ideal and I am hoping that it can be used without having an expensive print and cut machine?

I need a soft flexible transfer for my dark shirts. I tried the Jet Pro opaques 2 transfer paper that said it had a soft feel on the finished shirt, but it was horrible, thick and plasticky, and VERY dissappointing compared to the Jet Soft Stretch Pro for white shirts, that stuff is amazing!:D It is possible I messed up on the application but i dont think I did.

Any insight you guys may have is appreciated a lot.
thanks all..:) Dave.
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This material will not work in an inkjet printer. You need a wide format printer that uses Eco-Solvent or Solvent based inks.

As for the inkjet paper for darks, you will always have a film layer to transfer. There are some laser papers for darks that do not require a white film, but I have not tried them.
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In my opinion there is no transfer for dark material that has a soft hand...if the graphic is large, it is just too heavy......If I get small order for dark garments, I outsource to DTG...for larger...screen print. But DIY for dark is not quite there yet
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Thanks for the reply, I guessed that it probably was'nt possible to use the solutions film. If it was everyone would be using it would'nt they...lol.
I am going to go with DTG for dark shirts as that seems to be the mosr economical route for small number runs a soft feel and good prints on dark shirts.
My only concern now is...What is the wash durability on DTG shirts?
I don't want to sell shirts that will wash out all the colour after one wash.
Time for more research I think. :)

Thanks again Nick.
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all transfers....including DTG will fade...how soon/how many washes...depends on the quality of the print..
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