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Sol's Tees in the UK? Or alternative women and kids t-shirts

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I'm moving back to London from Hungary in October. For the bulk of the tees I sell I use Gildan 2000 and 5000. I'm happy with these as they provide all the colours I need. For the women and children's t-shirts I currently use Sol's. Previously back in England I used a mixture of Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and Hanes but colours are limited and the fits are very different amongst the brands. Does anyone know if there is a supplier of Sol's t-shirts in the UK? I have tried contacting them directly but to no avail. (My French is a little rusty admittedly). If not can someone suggest an alternative brand I could use for the women and children t-shirts? I need varied (but popular) colours as Gildan provides. Unfortunately a lot of women's tees are only available in weak pastel colours. A bit patronising really! Thanks.
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