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I have all my pillows designed on pages ( MacBook Pro).
When I get my Epson1430 can I still use pages to design and send it to the Epson printer? Or do I need to get a new software to design?
Sorry, the sublimation is a whole new ara for me versus the Canon wide format I use.
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Normally, for desktop format, graphic software programs (Photoshop, Corel) are used for printing transfers so that color profiles can be installed for proper color correction and calibration of the inks.

Sublimation dye is a totally different animal that archival printing. :)

So I couldn't use any of my designs on pages at all and have to start over :(
This is a design I did on pages. It's only black and white, designs like this wouldn't work either?


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Not saying (the design) won't work. Just saying that printing dye sublimation through Pages won't work (at least I don't think it will :)).

Can you export that file out of pages as a JPG or a TIFF. If so, you will at least be able to import it into graphics program that support color profiles.

That way you can print your transfers as color accurate as possible via the color profile supplied with your sublimation dye.
I think I should be able to export.I'm always willing to learn new things.The Corel I think only works on Windows.Thank you for your help by the way.
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