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hi everyone, im hoping someone can help me as im ready to throw my laptop out of the window!
basically im having trouble with the software im using to cut vinyl. i have a goldcut cutter that according to artcut is a gc721(hpgl). i got a copy of artcut with it, and a copy of corel x5, but only had a thirty day trial of it. i had some real snags getting it to work initially as my laptop doesnt have a com port and apparently art cut wont work on newer versions of windows through a usb. once that trial ran out i looked about and tried illustrator, again for the trial period. thats now ran out too and ive been trying to find an alternative that wont cost as much as either corel or illustrator, and have been pointed to inkscape. the problem im having is when i save a file as an eps in inkscape, it wont open properly in artcut and is just random zig zagged lines. ive tried opening them in signcut and it tries to cut them, but it doesnt tell the cutter to lower the blade and instead just hovers above the vinyl. ive also tried using vector magic, but when i try to open the downloaded eps files they are just filled black squares in signcut, and just open as blank files in artcut.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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