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software prefs for color separations

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just curious what software for color separations everyone uses & if one is better than the other. i have run a search with not many results, so no search-nazi replies :D

i ususally have the company that prints my work do the separations, but they lost their key person & now have a noob to the business. unfortunantly i cannot wait for him to learn how to open photoshop & came across these:

•easyart 2
•easy rip

btw, i am on a mac platform & mainly use photoshop for full color designs & illustrator for the vector art.

thanks in advance!! :)
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from what I have heard they all are good. BEWARE that you cannot just hit a button and have award winning seps. You must have a good knowledge of separations in general, the program and color theory.

I use FF and spend on average 2 hours (sometimes 3-4) after running the actions to tweak the seps for optimum results. The action sets save time but dont always get you what you want.
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