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I am starting a t shirt biz that I will be selling at tradeshows with made on demand shirts. Does anyone know what program/software I can use that will allow me to the following: 1) customer picks t shirt and the design 2) I go to my laptop choose that design, make any changes (color, fonts...) 3) send to my printer 4) take transfer from printer and 5) heat transfer to t shirt. Sounds EASY, I have the printer, laptop and heat transfer machine just need the right program/software to put it all together. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Corel or Illustrator, any graphics program for that matter. The larger issue is having your files named correctly and not resaving over them once you make changes. Also making sure the files print quickley so your Customer is not waiting too long for the shirt. I don't see this a being a one man show...two or three maybe.
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I've done somthing similar onsite with photos.

I used CorelDRAW to personalize and print the photos.

I'd suggest having a limited number of shirt colors.

Display actual printed design samples showing editable elements that can be chosen.

Don't give too many options. Takes too much time and harder for folk to make a decision (as in a group of 6 girls wanting 6 different colors, names, fonts, print locations and costs and trying to put together money to pay for it all)

A back-up printer if possible. Extra ink cartridges.

Someone to help you.

Make sure of eletrical hook ups. And if outdoors have a generator for back-up.

A form for customer to fill out (themselves) noting spelling, color(s), fonts, details.

Get a deposit.
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Yes to CW.

Make SURE you don't over write the editable changes.

Have a stand alone hard drive to save the changes. Folk may come back later for another extra shirt. Mark the form with a matching file name like customer's name (so when they come back without the receipt you can access it).
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