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Hello Folks,

During some years we have been working on a new SignCut version and a new layout software, SignCut DRAW. It is expected to be released within 6 months.

SignCut DRAW becomes quite comprehensive. For instance it will include functionality for design of Rhinestone templates. You will also find outline functions and many other things.

I wonder, is there is any kind of software functionality you are lacking for your production of T-shirts? That kind of information would be most valuable for us, so that we become able to deliver tools that mathces your needs!

Soon we intend to start up beta testing. If you happen to be interested of participating; please email me: [email protected]

Initially we need a small group of volonters within T-shirt production.

Finally a question; what is the most common use for a cutting plotter when producing T-shirts? What kind of production is the most common and why is it so?

As you understand, we want to learn more about this and we would appreciate your help!
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