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I am wondering what equipment is used by transfer companies to create full color photo transfers with gradients and faded edges and stuff? I have bought quite a few in the past from Art Brands as an example and they call some of them "High Definition Lights". Of course that particular kind can only go on light garments but they make a different kind that goes on darks. Anyway, in regards to the lights, when I print them on the garment they have such a soft hand...softer than traditional screen printing.
I bought an iColor 600 this year and even with the premium paper have not been able to accomplish that soft of a hand. I have a customer who is looking for shirts where the design is "part of the shirt". I showed her samples that I made using plastisol, 'sublimation' on cotton (forever paper), vinyl, and my icolor with premium paper, but she didn't like how you could "feel the design" on all of them.
My first thought was that my best option was straight up sublimation but then my customer showed me some existing shirts they have and it reminded me of these High Definition Lights that Art Brands does. I'm thinking of calling them to get a quote for custom transfers using whatever this method is, but I'm also curious what equipment is being used as maybe it is worth investing in for my own business. I feel like if I asked them they might think I was trying to get them to give up a trade secret, lol. But maybe I'm just being shy about it. ;-)
If you know what it is and can tell me, thank you!!
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