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HELP! I give up.

I am looking for a soft tee shirt for toddlers and youth (mainly girls). And, with color options and availability.

I have used Alstyle Jr. line and LOVE the feel, how they wash up and work with my product. :) But, the basic line isn't as nice.

Love the Bella 1x1 rib but limted in size and for girls.

Apples and Oranges and Rabbit Skins are limited in size and color. I need colors and availability in both toddler and youth sizes.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Cheryl

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Also Monag has really nice ringspun interlock fabric for their kids stuff. Its super soft and holds up great, lots of colors too. They have more colors then anyone else I have found.

I too use Kavio also and they have some really cute stuff. Those two and bella are my favs :)
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